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Baseball Spring Training is officially underway! I realize that most of the US is still covered in snow, but Spring Training is the first official sign of “it’s almost not winter!” and therefore should be celebrated.  It’s also the first official sign that I will be getting nothing done for the next eight months while I watch hours and hours of sports programming.




I originally posted this Austen Fantasy Teams post way back before the Great Indie Jane Crash of 2012 and I thought it would be fun to revisit.  Because…and this may come as a huge shock to you…I’m kind of a baseball fan and will try to tie basically everything in my life to the sport.  (You’re totally shocked right now, admit it.)


Did you know Jane Austen liked baseball too? Well, I can’t state with any accuracy that she “liked” it, but she was the first author to write about it. Ever. True story. In Northanger Abbey Catherine Morland (tomboy that she is) played “base-ball.” This is the first recorded reference to America’s Favorite Pastime…which leads many to argue that baseball is British, not American, in origin. GASP. And right at the center of this controversy? Jane!


So as we get ready to celebrate the start of baseball season, I thought it would be fun to follow in Jane’s footsteps and combine Austen and baseball. If you know anything about sports, or if you work in an office with anyone who knows anything about sports, you’ve probably heard about “Fantasy (fill in the sport).” Okay, maybe it’s just football and baseball – is there fantasy basketball? I haven’t heard of it. Definitely haven’t heard of fantasy soccer…but I digress.


In Fantasy Baseball you make a “fantasy team” and fill your positions with as many of the best players from the various actual teams as you can. Kind of like your own All Star Team. You, of course, have to fight with whoever else is in your fantasy league/pool for the best players. Everyone gets drafts or picks…kind of like picking who you’re going to have on your dodge ball team in recess. If your players do well that week in their real games, then your fantasy team benefits. There’s usually money involved with everyone putting in a certain amount in the office pool.


I haven’t participated in Fantasy Baseball because I’m really, really loyal and would just fill all of my slots with players from the team I root for in real life (the Angels…and also Mark Trumbo who is no longer with the Angels but like I said, loyal…). Also, I’m cheap and don’t like losing money. However, I thought it would be entertaining to do a fantasy team Jane Austen style. So today let’s have some fun with…


Fantasy Austen Teams

(pretend you’re hearing this in the movie voice over guy’s voice, it makes it more exciting)


In the comments tell me who you would put on your Fantasy Austen Team – if you were creating a brand new Austen novel and could pick characters from any of the books to get the best/funniest/most romantic/most ridiculous mix who would you pick?


You need to fill the following positions:


  1. Heroine
  2. Hero
  3. Best Supporting Girl Character
  4. Most Evil Character Male or Female
  5. Most Annoying Character Male or Female


Here, as an example, are my picks:


Jessica’s Fantasy Austen Team


  1. Elizabeth Bennet
  2. Frederick Wentworth
  3. Miss Taylor (Mrs. Weston)
  4. Isabella Thorpe
  5. Mr. Collins


Why did I pick these characters? I think it would be fun to see what different decisions Lizzy would have made if she had met with a Wentworth and not a Darcy (and he’s also super dashing, so yay). I also think Lizzy would have had way too much fun with – and lots of benefit from – a Miss Taylor. Who doesn’t want to see Isabella Thorpe meet someone like Lizzy who could take her down a few pegs? That would be FUN to watch. And lastly, Mr. Collins is so wonderfully ridiculous, I can’t help thinking Wentworth would have had more leeway than Darcy to react in hilarious ways.


So, give me your Fantasy Austen Team in the comments. Unlike Fantasy Baseball we can let characters get picked more than once (and there’s no cash involved) so have as much fun with your team creation as you want!


Play Ball!


  1. Kirk

    1) Mr Knightley
    2) Marianne Dashwood
    3) Jane Bennet
    4) Mrs Ferras
    5)gulp….Henry Tilney

  2. Hmmm… this sounds like fun!

    My team would have to be…

    1. Heroine – Marianne Dashwood
    2. Hero – Captain Wentworth
    3. Best Supporting Girl Character – Mary Crawford (because I love to hate her)
    4. Most Evil Character Male or Female – Mrs. Norris (man, do I hate her…)
    5. Most Annoying Character Male or Female – Why, Miss Bates, of course ;)… but not really, my choice for this one is definitely Frank Churchill.

  3. Emily Bell

    This was a difficult assignment, especially for Hero/Heroine because each of the Austen “leads” are divine but here’s my take:

    Heroine – Elinor Dashwood

    Hero – Wentworth

    Best Supporting Girl Character – Jane Bennet

    Most Evil Character – Wickham

    Most Annoying – Mr. Collins

    • Great picks, Emily! I’d love to see Elinor with Wentworth. But because of Kim’s picks I totally now want to see Elinor and Marianne cat fight over him. Cause I’m classy like that.

  4. Amy P

    Ok, so I just spent way more time doing this than I can really justify. Lol

    Heroine: Elizabeth Bennet (she’s not my absolute favorite heroine, but I’d love to see her set loose on Lucy and John.)
    Hero: Mr Knightley (because he’s very Darcy-like in some ways and he and Lizzy would probably be an good pairing.)
    Best Supporting Girl Character: Eleanor Tilney (because she’s a good friend and I like her.)
    Most Evil Character: Lucy Steele (because I loathe her)
    Most Annoying Character: John Thorpe (because he drives me insane, and if his horses had enough spirit I’d like them to trample him. Besides, I want to make him marry Lucy. :D)

    • Yes, Lucy Steele is so annoying. When I read S&S my palm actually itches to smack her.

      I think Mr. Knightley and Lizzy is a genius idea.

  5. Heroine – Anne Elliot <3

    Hero – Col Brandon ;)

    Best Supporting Girl Character – Margaret Dashwood ((:

    Most Evil Character Male or Female – Fanny Dashwood / @!*!?!

    Most Annoying Character Male or Female -
    Lady Catherine de Bourgh ^.^/

  6. Stephanie Carrico

    heroine Emma Woodhouse
    hero Frederick Wentworth
    supporting character Georgianna Darcy
    most evil Wickham
    most annoying Mr. Collins

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