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Hello gentle readers!

We are excited to share all of the super fun release week happenings between our HOLIDAYS WITH JANE: Spring Fever authors. I know that I’m always interested in why and how authors create their characters and plots. Here’s a little insight from the HWJ authors.

Author Kimberly Truesdale shares her inspirational pictures on her blog. Kim’s retelling of Fanny’s story draws its inspiration from the beautiful ocean near her. The lionfish festival in Fanny’s story is a real event in Florida. You can also learn more about building, protecting, and exploring the reefs just like Fanny!

Kim’s Post about A Modern Mansfield Park


Author Jessica Grey is a die-hard baseball fan (Go Angels!) and she uses her love of the game as her inspiration for the retelling of Anne’s story. (Hmm, is there a video with Jess freaking out about baseball a la Annie??)

Jessica’s post at the AngelsWin blog


Author Rebecca M. Fleming used her love and knowledge of small town life as the jumping off point for her retelling of Emma’s story. Hartfield, Georgia is an ode to all the small towns Rebecca has known and loved growing upĀ in the South. Where else can you find such an amazing support system when you need to start over (like Jane Fairfax); or discover (like Emma), that what you’ve been looking for was right beside you the whole time?

Rebecca’s Post about the Awesomeness of Knightley


Author Jennifer Becton took her inspiration for Lydia’s story from our own Jessica’s Twitter handle “JessReimagined.” In “Lydia Reimagined,” Lydia Bennet has finally grown up. After the end of her disastrous relationship with the manipulative and arrogant George Wickham, she has a clear vision of her past mistakes. Unfortunately, her vision for her future is still a little fuzzy, especially when she discovers that she has feelings for a far more worthy gentleman.

Jennifer’s Post about “Why I Won’t Write Lizzie and Darcy”


Author Cecilia Gray re-envisioned Northanger Abbey’s Catherine as Kathia, a paranormal investigator inspired by the author’s none-too-healthy obsession with Discovery haunted house shows and even the faux-satirical paranormal team of Ghostfacers from Supernatural.

Cecilia’s Top 5 Reasons to Retell a Jane Austen Story


Author Melissa Buell took her inspiration for setting the Dashwood girls at a winery from a friend’s recent wedding at a winery in central California. (Her friend was NOT a bridezilla but a very lovely lady who had a lovely wedding.) Melissa made the wedding cake and cupcakes for that wedding which was why Meg bakes in the story.

Melissa’s Post about A Winery Wedding


Do you like it when authors share their inspiration? If you are an author, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Holidays With Jane: Spring Fever is available now on Amazon!

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