Emma Chat Recap #2

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The weekly Emma chats continue!  This week we discussed chapters 9-15.  Here are some of the topics we touched on…



Family dynamics and conversation:

Samantha:  Ah, Emma. I love how she and Knightley smooth things out between brother Knightly and Mr. Woodhouse. That is a brilliant scene.

Jess: They’re definitely the smoother outers of the family…every family has those.

Lynne: Oh yes, the whole discussion on gruel was just so funny. I imagine Jane laughed when she wrote that.  And I bet she overheard similar ones in real life.

Samantha: Yeah, Lynne. I always imagine her scribbling in a corner while people say ridiculous things.

Jess: When there’s no tv or twitter one must endure hour long discussions on gruel.

Nancy: I can’t imagine being Emma and having this be her life.

Lynne: Yes, and slowly dying inside at the lack of interesting conversation.

Jennifer: it sort of explains why she finally snaps at Miss Bates later on. She hears nonsense constantly

Jess: Yes, you can definitely sympathize with her. I’d be poking my eye out nightly. It’s surprising she doesn’t snap earlier.


The horrors of SNOW aka is John Knightley a nut job?:


Lynne: Was John Knightley really afraid of snow or was he trying to manipulate the group?

Nancy: Or was he expressing the concern he knew his wife and father-in-law would feel?  Because he’s always surrounded by these two, so he’d be super aware of their phobias.

Samantha: John was the first to tell Emma that Elton loved her though. At least this gave her a bit of warning.

Jennifer: Also, how dangerous was that snow? I mean ATL got shut down in 2 inches.  Maybe it really was scary to them.

Jess: “YES, BAD SNOW IS BAD,” says the girl who got stuck a few weeks ago.

Nancy: And Mr. Woodhouse freaks out about everything.  I imagine John Knightley organises his life in a manner to avoid freak outs from those two.  Because he doesn’t have the patience for them, let’s be honest–he’s a bit short tempered.

Samantha: Just think of the shoes those girls had to wear. Satin slippers would make snow frightening.

Lynne: True, they didn’t have UGGS

Jennifer: Yeah, you don’t want to be in a life and death situation with panickers. Makes everything worse.

Nancy: Even driving through light snow would not be fun because the whole way they’d be wailing about how horrible it was, and how the carriage could turn over.

Lynne: Maybe he was freaking out by the prospect of being snowed in with that crew.

Jess: I’d be a raging alcoholic if I was stuck in this novel


Emma vs. Lizzy


Jess: Poor Emma loves them all so she can’t just laugh at them like Lizzy laughed at Collins.

Samantha: There was that scene where Emma had to leave the room to laugh. End of chapter 9. She was laughing at Elton. Ha!

Lynne: Elton deserves mocking.

Jess: Yes, he does. Court. Ship. *stabs eye*

Nancy: Emma is also much more reserved than Elizabeth.  They’d get along well, but I think Emma is more… oh, aware of “proper” behavior.

Samantha: More reserved than Elizabeth? Hmm. Does Lizzy laugh in front of people or only with her family?

Jess: I think Emma sees herself as the head of society in her area and Lizzy doesn’t, so that gives her more leeway.

Nancy: Lizzy laughs with people, even if not in front of the person she’s laughing at.  Emma is proper enough to laugh alone.

Jess: Lizzy definitely talks back to people.


Also discussed:

Vicars then vs. pastors now – more of a profession and less of a calling. 

Is Mr. Elton a gold digger?

Why did Mr. Elton think proposing to Emma was a good idea?

What is the proper response when trapped in a carriage with a man who is proposing and you wish to decline?

Why is there no Lady Catherine / Mr. Collins fanfic?  (We looked.)

And so much more!


It’s not too late to join our weekly group read chats for Emma!  Next Sunday we will be discussing chapters 16-23.  Make sure to join us in the chat room Sunday at 6 PST / 9 EST.


  1. Patty Marq

    Yes! Someone needs to get started on the Lady Catherine/Mr. Collins fanfic!

  2. LOVE this recap! I’m sorry I missed the chat. :)

  3. Great editing job, Jess! You made us sound very intelligent:)

  4. Lady Cat/Mr. Collins fanfic??????

  5. Lynne Scott

    Would Lady Catherine and a Mr. Collins romance be called “Cat-Coll”?

  6. Stephanie Carrico

    Darn work schedule is keeping me from participating…but seems like you ladies are having a ball.

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