Emma Chat Recap #3

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This week’s chat brought us through chapter 23.  You can always join in at any time! Next Sunday we will be meeting in the chat room at 6 PST / 9 EST to discuss through chapter 31.  Join us!



Mr. Elton = Moron


Jess: So where do we want to start? With what a moron Mr. Elton is?  We did the proposal last week, but this week it starts with the recovery from it…and on CHRISTMAS EVE!  Way to ruin a holiday, jerk.

Lynne: I really liked that she saw that he wasn’t brokenhearted.

Liz: She misjudged, he’s there proclaiming his love, she rejects him, and then they’re still stuck in the carriage.  I cringed back from the pages.

Jess: So awkward, Liz.  Yeah, Lynne she could tell right away and she was right, he was offended but not brokenhearted

Farida: He was awful and so unpleasant!

Samantha: So funny how certain Elton was that Emma loved him.

Jess: And I think it’s interesting how Emma considers him as much lower than her as he thinks Harriet is lower than him.

Nancy (via Liz): Actually, that does show Emma’s snobbishness towards Harriet– You could have a friend who was lower than you by a few social degrees but not marry a man who is lower than you. That’s an interesting distinction.

Farida: It’s a bit difficult to keep in mind their social standing and what is due to each of them… does anyone else have this problem? I have to remind myself that they are not modern people and there are all these rules..



Emma = Back in the Saddle Again


Lynne: So Emma is just starting to think “maybe I’m not a good matchmaker. But maybe I’m wrong about being wrong.  Maybe I am a good one after all. Next!”

Liz: *facepalm* to Emma.

Jess: Yeah, she certainly rebounds to it fast.  Even with the entrance of Jane Fairfax she thinks “oh, it’s too bad there’s no one to set her up with.”

Nancy (via Liz): Maybe Emma is projecting her need to see romantic love onto other people. [Hence the matchmaking.]   She’s sublimated her own romantic love needs due to having to be with her father all the time.

Jess: Possibly, because she feels like she needs to stay with her father. He’s so upset still by his first daughter leaving – and she’s been gone long enough to have 5 kids

Lynne:  Yeah, if I had to spend time with her father, romance would NOT be on my mind. Quick death would be.

*Brief confusion on how many kids Isabella actually has*

*Jennifer confirms there are 5 but only three named*

Jennifer: They were there, but not there.  But oh how they love visiting Mr. Woodhouse.



Jane and Those Who Can’t, Write:


Samantha: So if Emma is matchmaking because she can’e marry, is Austen writing romance because she can’t get any? Interesting. . .

Jess: That is an interesting thought, Samantha.  Those who can’t ….write.

Lynne: Could Austen resist writing about romance? But I had a similar thought regarding Emma. Was Jane a bit like her, watching romance from a disjointed pov?

Nancy (via Liz): Jane did give strict advice to her nieces– And it wasn’t “Marry the richest” but “Marry the guy you can stand living with.

Jennifer: I agree with Nancy/Liz, whom I will refer to as the Borg for no reason.  She had a message to women who just married morons for money.

Jess: I feel like with Mr. W and Miss Bates Austen just LET LOOSE with all the ridiculous stuff she’s been forced to hear over the years.

Jennifer: I can’t believe how long those food conversations went!


When in Doubt, Kill the Parents:


Samantha: Anyone else notice how many characters are orphans in this novel?

Jess: YES, EVERYONE IS DEAD. Mr. W is like the only remaining parent.

Samantha: Not necessarily orphans missing both parents, but at least one. Even Mrs. Elton has no parents.

Liz: How common was that, back then?

Lynne: Lots of death in childbirth.

Samantha: Where are Mr. Elton’s parents? Any mention?

Jess: Knightley Brothers – Parents dead, Jane Fairfax – parents dead, the new Mrs. Elton – parents dead, Harriet – Parents UNKNOWN, Emma – Mom Dead, Churchill – Mom dead, The Martins – Dad dead…

Jennifer: Mr. Elton – hatched.

Samantha: But Mr. Woodhouse lives on and on and on. How old it that guy anyway?

Lynne: Mr. Woodhouse is about 103.

Patty: It’s because Mr. Woodhouse takes care of himself

Jess: It’s the gruel, Sam.

Patty: And stays away from snow.

Samantha: Long live gruel! This book could be renamed The Woodhouse Diet.

Jennifer: Gruel for everybody, along with some nice fried pork. No cake.

Jess: Fried pork: with just a little oil…lightly salted.


Also discussed:

Why does Knightley fall in love with Emma?

Is his relationship with her too paternal?

Did he keep correcting her all the time once they got married? Or were they a happy, content couple?

Why did Austen spend so much time on a physical description of Jane Fairfax when she usually doesn’t spend much time on them at all?

Emma and Frank – sometimes it’s not a perfect match even if everyone ships it.

Emma is written more like a mystery than a romance.



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