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Mar 19, 2014 by

Ang: Hey, bestie.
Jess is asking for someone to review
the first forty episodes of Emma Approved for Indie Jane.
Every Wednesday for four weeks,
she’d like someone to review ten episodes
during the Emma group reading extravaganza.
Wanna tag team it with me?

What about silent protest?

Ang: Damn the man.
Save the Empire.

Kim: Fight the power.
*fist in the air*

Ang: I’ll break silent protest* for love.
But mostly for tie petting.


Does it matter that I’ve never read the book?
I mean, I have seen the movie… ahem Clueless.

Ang: *shrugs*
I’ve never been able to get passed the first few chapters of the book.
The Paltrow movie is adorbs, but Clueless is my jam.

Kim: Clearly, we are the most qualified people for the job.

Ang: Totes.

Without further ado,
we give you,
a bestie breakdown of Emma Approved.
The first ten episodes that is.

I am Emma Woodhouse: Episode One
bestie description:
Meet Emma Woodhouse.
Fashionable know-it-all who’s here to fix your life
whether you like it or not.

bestie thoughts:
Ang: This series is already win.
DAMN my soul for saying it.
And I’ve got one word for why-
Ang: I could boom his…
Do they have Domino?

Kim: *pets the screen*

Imminent Success: Episode Two
bestie description:
In which Emma gives a little back story, and basically wants to be the next Oprah.

bestie thoughts:
Ang: Why do I believe this is her ultimate goal?


Self Sufficient: Episode Three
bestie description:
In which Snarky Knightley in full force finds Emma the perfect assistant.

bestie thoughts:
Ang: “Is she like your spy? Your Trojan horse?
Is she going to murder me in my sleep?!”

Kim: Yes, Mr. Knightley,

Ang: I endorse this.

The Right Decision: Episode Four
bestie description:
In which Emma loses her damn mind and tries to manipulate her best friend’s life.
Also known as, mind your own business, yo.

bestie thoughts:
Ang: Call me crazy,
but maybe Annie should tell Ryan she’s canceling their wedding
before canceling their wedding.

Kim: Dude, the binder of manipulation is ridiculous.

Do What’s Best: Episode Five
bestie description:
In which Knightley makes us swoon and we really don’t pay attention to plot,
because hawtness and not caring.

bestie thoughts:
Ang: The name thing?
Kim: Angry Alex…

’nuff said.

Let’s Be Frank: Episode Six
bestie description:
In which Harriet needs to wash her hair and Knightly is adorbs.
Oh and more plot stuff?

bestie thoughts:
Ang: I am totally sold on Mr. Knightley.
He just stole my soul.

Kim: I heart Alex’s face!

What Really Matters: Episode Seven
bestie description:
In which Emma tries to drag Alex into her manipulation game
and homie don’t play that.

bestie thoughts:
Mr. Knightley just laid down the law.

Kim: Knightley is THE.BEST.

Being a Great Friend: Episode Eight
bestie description:
In which we swoon hard and crazy eyes reaches a whole new level of epicness.

bestie thoughts:
Ang: Why do I get the impression she’d eat my face if given the chance?

Kim: Let’s talk about more important things like this:

Ang: Yes, more of THIS.
Kim: Seriously though, more of that!

A Worthy Subject: Episode Nine
bestie description:
In which ridiculous shoes are compared to confidence whilst Emma smirks.

bestie thoughts:
Ang: You will never catch me wearing five inch heels.
Like, ever, never, it’s for the greater good.
Buh-bye, confidence.
Hello, comfortable feet.

Kim: Dear sweet baby Darcy, Harriet is going to break an ankle.
ps… I love that Emma calls Alex “Snarky Knightley.”
Ang: Swa-ooooon.

Wind in the Sails: Episode Ten
bestie description:
In which Alex is under appreciated, as per usual.

bestie thoughts:
Ang: Just say no to pinchy shoes, my friends.
Just say HELL NO.
Do say HELL YES to Knightley.

Kim: Being spied on by your boss? That sounds… awesome?
Ang: If that employee were Mr. Knightley, how could you not?
I mean, that’s against the law and people shouldn’t do that sort of thing.

Final Bestie Thoughts
brought to you this week by Ang

Emma vs. Lizzie

I’ve always had a hard time putting my finger on why I don’t particularly like (or even care about) Emma Woodhouse. Watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved has clarified it a lil for me. See, for me, Lizzie is the perfect asshole. She’s stubborn and loyal and says what’s on her mind and she will cut you if you mess with her loved ones. Yet, she’s loving and caring and there’s an underlying sweetness to her. A sweetness that comes from her strong family ties and her humble background. Emma, on the other hand, doesn’t have a humble bone in her body. Her wealth and privilege have given her an inflated ego and she believes wholeheartedly that her way is the superior way. She’s spent most of her life being spoiled by her father and pandered to by her admirers. Thus, Emma has become the queen of manipulation. These manipulations know no boundaries. And while I understand she justifies her meddling as for the greater good (and that maybe I’m a tad harder on her than I should be) I find people who manipulate others for their own good disgusting (yep, harsh word is harsh). I’m excited to see if the cast and crew of Emma Approved can help me put aside my prejudices and learn to adore Emma as much as I did Lizzie in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

So far, it hasn’t happened. However, Joanna Sotomura (the actress who portrays Emma) is beyond adorable and I have faith in her.

You’re it!
Did you watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries?
Are you a fan of Lizzie or Emma?
Do you forgive Emma her manipulations in Emma Approved?
Is she sweet and misguided?
Or is she a self-involved, bored little rich girl?

You know you wanna.

Need more besties in your life? You can find Kim & Ang on Twitter. And make sure to check out the swoontastic, Emmy award winning Bestie To Bestie for all your Mr. Knightley needs.

*Silent protest was Ang’s attempt to stand her ground and not watch Emma Approved until The Lizzie Bennet Diaries DVDs and other swag she paid for were in her hot lil hands. As you can tell, it was not only extremely effective, but well executed.


  1. This post is so much fun! Thanks, Ang and Kim, for posting for us!

    I haven’t watched all of Emma Approved but I have seen the first ten episodes and I definitely agree – Knightley is hawt and Emma is a bit…intense ;)

    • Thank YOU for having us!
      Seriously, this post was far too much fun to write.
      Emma is… difficult to stomach in these first few episodes. And if she stays true to form, I can only imagine how bad things are going to get before she sees the errors of her ways. And if you consider where TLBD went, we are in for a wild ride, my friend. -Ang

  2. Sophia Rose

    Buahaha! You gals were great. I loved your break down on the series. I have been following it and agree with your assessments. I still haven’t decided if Emma is just oblivious or arrogant. She definitely doesn’t read social cues well. She’s shades different from the original Emma so its hard to get a feel for things. I love the show though.

    Thanks again for the fun recap.

    • She is strikingly different from the movie versions I’ve seen. Again, I have not read Emma, thus I cannot speak to her comparison to the original Emma, however, this Emma seems to take the over the top meddling and general arrogance to a whole new level. A level that is so painful, I am DYING to watch the train wreck she is bound to cause! You KNOW it’s coming and when it comes it’s gonna be amazeballz (which, of course, in technical terms means disaster, it’s going to be a horrible, nightmarish tragedy).

      Thanks for having us here on Indie Jane. LOVE IT! -Ang

  3. I did wonder about the Silent Protest when I saw you’d done the reviews, Ang. My silent protest died when I had to look up pictures of Alex Knightley. Then I thought I’d better watch a few videos so I could get a solid grasp of his portrayal of the character. I probably won’t go back and watch the earlier videos, because yeah… early Emma is not my fave. But I love the way she grows and develops, so I’ll keep watching. And DVDs are being shipped next week, YAY!!!

    • Oh, Nancy, silent protest is sitting in the corner weeping at my weakness. I’ll say this much, it’s gonna take an act of God for me to give them any more of my money. Like, Darcy comes down from the heavens and Knightley joins him at his right hand and they arrive on my doorstep and promise me greatness… um. So, that’s awkward.

      Anywho. This Emma only seems to get worse over time, but that’s for next weeks chitchat, which I’m off to work on with the best right about now! -Ang

  4. Thanks, Ladies. I think you made my day! Of course, my days are sometimes not that exciting. But even if I’d have an exciting day, I’d still love your recap!

    • Thank you, Lynn! We’re so glad you enjoyed it! We are already giggling insanely as we plot out next week’s, which we’ve both decided is far more epic than this one! I KNOW.

      *hugs you & your days* <– like, in a totes stranger danger kind of way, the kind when you're pretty sure I'm a creeper, but you really don't mind. end ramble. -Ang

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