Friday Fun: Which Minor Emma Character Are You?

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Friday Fun: Which Minor Emma Character Are You?

With the spirit of hipness that Buzzfeed quizzes bring, today find out, “Which Minor Character in Emma are you?


Attitudes toward buggy rides:

  1. Totally overrated when you could be sitting in small house with two crazy relatives
  2. Tolerable if one is wrapped head to foot in wool to avoid chilblains
  3. As good a place as any to profess love
  4. Leave the top down so everyone can see me
  5. A horse is much faster and I’m all about speed to see my love
  6. I can only aspire to be among those who own buggies


You’ve been thrown over in love and your immediate reaction is:

  1. If that’s what you want to think, so be it
  2. PHEW!
  3. Nothing – this could never happen to you because you are a CATCH
  4. “That didn’t hurt”
  5. I inadvertently do the throwing, thank you
  6. Dissolving into a pool of grief for a prolonged amount of time, even when you should be greatly relieved that you dodged a bullet


When at a dinner party, your conversation is about:

  1. Whatever the other person is talking about so you can say nothing about your secret love affair
  2. What to eat, how to eat it and the perils of not eating what I deem fit
  3. How you did things better back home, but you quaint people will do
  4. It doesn’t matter as long as I can show how smug and self-satisfied I am
  5. Cutting down the other women in the room as a sure sign of deflection
  6. Listening to the other person while hoping you laugh at the right places and use the right fork


The contents of your letters say one thing but mean:

  1. “I’m having a secret love affair”
  2. “My daughter wrote this as I am most decidedly afraid of quills”
  3. “People here greatly admire me, even more than back home”
  4. “Emma-Schmemma, wait until you see who I married.  Take that!”
  5. “I said I can’t wait to see you, but really it’s the babe down the road”
  6. “I’m writing you but seriously, how’s your brother?”


As you arrive at the party, you expect people to react to you as:

  1. “They probably think I kissed that dude and am in exile for it”
  2. “Let’s shake hands.  Kissing is so unsanitary”
  3. “Kiss my ring”
  4. “Kiss my butt”
  5. “They all want to kiss me”
  6. “Why won’t anyone kiss me?”


If you chose mostly:

“A”-  You are Jane Fairfax.  You quiver in the corner and keep your head down, even though people misunderstand you and try to find you jobs.  The things you do for love.

“B” – Mr. Woodhouse?  Really?  You may want to reexamine your life.  People pity you and honestly, your diet could use some work.

“C” – You are the confident Mrs. Elton who sails through life blissfully unaware that she is second choice.

“D” Well, Mr. Elton, you got what you wanted in life – a pretty wife who has given you the illusions that you have class.  Too bad you haven’t fooled those who have a grip on reality.

“E” Frank Churchill’s in the house, y’all!  Woot!  Nearly everyone trips over you with enthusiasm except your one true love.  You really know how to keep a secret, even when you think you aren’t.

“F” – F as in failure to be Emma’s project of refinement and matchmaking.  However, you, Harriet, get the prize for being a trooper with a good heart.  But you’re still sort of odd.

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  1. heh, with such a mixed bag as I had, I can’t quite claim to be Harriet, so i am forced to conclude i may be Miss Bates

  2. Robin Helm

    Excuse me. This was quite amusing, but I would never be a minor character. ;)

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