“Holidays With Jane: Christmas Cheer” Book Launch and Giveaway!

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“Holidays With Jane: Christmas Cheer” Book Launch and Giveaway!

To mark the return of Indie Jane, we have some exciting news! The launch of Indie Jane Press’s first Jane Austen collection: Holidays With Jane: Christmas Cheer.

Each day this week, you’ll have the chance to visit with the six talented authors and learn a little bit more about them and their very special Jane Austen Christmas adaptations. In the meantime, have a little sampler of all the goodies stuffed in the toe of your stocking!


The Work of an Instant
by Jennifer Becton

When Frederick Wentworth’s ship docks at the Navy base in Charleston just in time for Christmas, Anne Elliot feels torn between desire to see her former fiancé and fear of rejection. Will taking a risk end in humiliation or give Anne a second chance with her first love? To find out, all she has to do is turn around and face him.

Mischief and Mistletoe
by Melissa Buell

Thrifty designer and secret Gothic novel enthusiast Cate Morland gets the opportunity of a lifetime to plan the costumes for the upcoming Dickens’ Christmas Festival. There she meets Henry Tilney who shows an interest in more than Cate’s costume designs. Mistaken by Henry’s father as a rich heiress, Cate is invited to stay with the Tilney family at their estate. Will Henry feel the same for Cate once he discovers she is a seamstress paying her own way through design school?

A Tale of Three Christmases
by Rebecca M. Fleming

When their father dies, leaving their brother everything, life changes radically for the Dashwood girls. Librarian Ellie and musician Marianne have their work of course, but what about teenage Maggie? Maggie only has her writing—a surprising saving grace that helps her chronicle the ups and downs of life, love and family in this tale of three Christmases.

With Love, from Emma
by Cecilia Gray

A visit to Emma Gold’s flower shop can save a relationship but a date at Lance Knightley’s bar can take that relationship to the next level, so who should be considered Heartfield, Oregon’s resident romance expert? Emma and Lance square off at their best friends’ wedding to settle the score. Sparks fly as bets are made and favors are won in this contemporary Christmas retelling, recounted With Love, from Emma.

It’s a Wonderful Latte
by Jessica Grey

Evie St. Laurent can always count on three things: being single during Christmas in Los Angeles, her job as manager at Mansfield Perk, and Frank Nakatomi, her best friend and coworker, cheering her up when she’s down. But when the glamorous Piper siblings come to town and sweep everyone off their feet, what Evie thought was sure in her life starts slipping away. It will take some Christmas magic and the help of a very special angel named Jane to help Evie see that the love she’s been waiting for has been there all the time.

Pride & Presents
by Kimberly Truesdale

Liz Bennet wants to make this Christmas the best that Longbourn Community Center has ever had. When basketball superstar Charles Bingley shows up to volunteer, it looks like that just might happen—even in spite of his unhelpful friend Will Darcy. But when everything starts to go wrong and Longbourn itself is in danger, Liz must set aside her pride and ask for help. Then she’ll discover that the best presents are the ones you never expect.



Sounds fantastic, huh? Well, there’s even more holiday spirit to come!

To celebrate the release of this collection, we’re doing a big giveaway with lots of chances to win one of our three awesome prizes. We’re giving away:

One (1) “Christmas Cheer” Grand Prize Pack:
an ebook of the “Christmas Cheer” collection PLUS a pack of ebooks from each of the six authors!

Two (2) “Stocking Stuffers” Prizes:
an ebook of the “Christmas Cheer” collection

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  1. Kimberly Truesdale

    Can’t wait for you all to read this!

    I think that Mrs. Bennet would enjoy Christmas the most… because she could be the center of attention all the time and perhaps attend a few dances to scout out eligible gentlemen for her girls. :)

  2. I think Emma would love Christmas because she loves to be busy and it would provide a time of matchmaking for her. ;)

  3. Welcome back Indie Jane :) I think Fanny would enjoy Christmas the most. She has so little but she always seems to see the best in her situations so she’d get the whole Christmas cheer aspect.

  4. ColleenL

    I think Jane Bennet would enjoy Christmas the most. All the extra family present, meals together, seeing all her cousins enjoying the season, neighborhood events and such. And she probably wouldn’t get too stressed out by any of it.

  5. SherriM

    I believe that Emma would love Christmas the most. She takes such joy in bringing people together and Christmas is the perfect opportunity for parties and more parties.

  6. Finally, a new post on Indie Jane. I’ve been waiting for your return.

    It’s hard to say as I agree with all three choices. Perhaps Emma would love Christmas the most because she can be the hostess and arrange for parties, games and fun.

  7. Katrin S

    Welcome baaaack!!!

    I´d vote for Jane as well. The ehole family together, all peaceful (hopefully ;) ) and joyous.

  8. I would pick Colonel Fitzwilliam – I think his profession would mean that he would take enjoyment when he could

  9. Sophia Rose

    Hi Guys! Glad to see you back. Looks like you’ve been busy. The antho sounds good.

    Oh my, I can’t decide maybe Mr. Tilney or Col. Fitz for the guys and Marianne and Kitty and Lydia for the gals. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  10. Welcome back, Indie Jane! This collection of short stories sounds great! Love me a good Christmas read.
    I think Mrs. Bennet would enjoy the holidays. I am sure she would enjoy spending time with those new son-in-laws she likes to brag about. ;) It also would be quite entertaining seeing her flutter around.

  11. Chiara

    I think Mrs Bennet becouse sometimes she acts as a little girl. She loves company to gossip and Christmas is a good occasion to spend time with others.
    I am italian and I do not know if the giveaway is open worldwide and if I can partecipate.

  12. Mr. Collins would eat his way through the entire holiday season, complete with snuffling and grunts.

    Welcome back, Indie Jane!

  13. Stephanie Mudd Carrico

    So excited at your return and the release of the new book.
    Anne would love Christmas…a quiet, traditional celebration
    at home with Frederick and maybe some little Wentworths.


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