Mr. Darcy’s Pledge: Review

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Mr. Darcy’s Pledge: Review

Mr. Darcy’s Pledge by Monica Fairview is a variation on the traditional Pride and Prejudice story.  It begins with Darcy at Pemberley, where he has come to nurse his pride after Elizabeth Bennet soundly rejects his proposal.  Alternating between the points of view of Darcy and Georgianna, the reader experiences Darcy’s torment of emotions and erratic behavior caused by his heartbreak.

While Darcy struggles with returning to his old “play it safe” nature, Georgianna only sees that Darcy is determined to have a wife, while at the same time, finding a female to help Georgianna with her first season.  There is much conflict as Darcy enlists the help of extended family, who prove to cause more problems than solve any.  Familiar characters such as Caroline Bingley and Lady Catherine are involved, but we also meet some new ones as well.

Monica Fairview did a great job in placing these characters in the story, as well as creating the new ones.  Her writing style is a pleasure to read, with enough period language to ring true but not so much as it feels like the writer is showing off her historical knowledge.  The story moves along at a pleasant pace.  She gives Bingley and Darcy’s friendship depth, which is a real joy to read.  There is real skill in a simple sentence that paints a perfect picture of back story as we need to know it.

Just over half way (60%) through the story, the variation in the Pride and Prejudice story begins.  Darcy meets Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle after an unfortunate buggy accident.  By bringing them back to Pemberley, Darcy is filled with hope that he will somehow win Elizabeth’s hand after all.  While this is all very interesting, this reviewer missed Georgianna’s point of view for the next 20% of the story.  Since it is Darcy’s story, this is understandable, but the momentum of who would help Georgianna with her season dropped.  Eventually it does pick back up.


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This book has many strengths, but it would have been better served to either carry both stories (Darcy’s and Georgianna’s) through to the end as was begun, or choose only Darcy’s drive to find a wife.  His inner struggle between blocking his pain by finding a replacement for Elizabeth, then realizing it could not be easily done was compelling.  The interference of relatives was also compelling, but their conflict was too simply resolved by difficult conversations.  In some ways, it was like two different books.  However, this one book is still very fun to read and is very well written.

Readers who enjoy Pride and Prejudice, and in particular those who enjoy seeing confident Darcy on the ropes, should pick up this book.  For writers in this genre, there is much to be learned by Fairview’s style as well.  As the first in a series, it’s great to anticipate those that will follow Mr. Darcy’s Pledge.

Four out of Five Stars

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Monica FairviewMonica Fairview is an ex-literature professor who abandoned teaching criticism about long gone authors who can’t defend themselves in order to write novels of her own. Monica can be described as a wanderer, opening her eyes to life in London and travelling ever since. She spent many years in the USA before coming back full circle to London, thus proving that the world is undeniably round.
Monica’s first novel, An Improper Suitor, a humorous Regency, was short-listed for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Joan Hassayan prize. Since then, she has written two traditional Jane Austen sequels: The Other Mr. Darcy and The Darcy Cousins (both published by Sourcebooks) and contributed a short sequel to Emma in Laurel Ann Nattress’s anthology Jane Austen Made Me Do It (Ballantine). Originally a lover of everything Regency, Monica has since discovered that the Victorian period can be jolly good fun, too, if seen with retro-vision and rose-colored goggles. She adores Jane Austen, Steampunk, cats, her husband and her impossible child. You can find Monica online at her website and on Facebook.


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  1. Thank you for this lovely detailed review, Jessica! Enjoyed reading it.

    • Jessica Grey

      Monica, glad you liked the review! Our reviewer Lynne actually wrote it and I totally forgot to change the byline on the post! Thanks for pointing it out ;)

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