Keys For Love: Review

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Keys For Love: Review

Wendi Sotis has established a good track record of delightful Pride and Prejudice retellings and Keys For Love is no exception. (I reviewed The Gypsy Blessing earlier this year and loved it!)

Keys For Love begins on the beach as Elizabeth Bennet is getting a tan and relaxing by the pool of the house she’s caretaking for this summer. Relaxing, that is, until she is startled by a man looking out of the window of the house next door… the house that should be empty!

Elizabeth puts in a distressed call to her friend and owner of the house next door Georgiana Darcy, only to find out that Georgie’s brother Will has unexpectedly arrived. She calms down about the possibility of an intruder, but not about the fact that Will Darcy has just seen her nearly naked.

Will Darcy is a workaholic, so getting him to take time for a vacation is a fine achievement by all involved — including his sister Georgie, his cousin Richard, and his assistant Charlotte. But he considers flying right back to work in New York when he thinks that the attractive woman from next door is only using his sister for her money.

But, as in all good Pride and Prejudice retellings, misunderstandings get cleared up, Will lets himself be convinced to stay on the beach in the Florida Keys, there is a wonderful little romance, and everyone lives happily ever after.

wendi sotis_keys for love

Keys for Love is a lovely little novella that will make a great summer beach read! It’s perfect for an hour in the sunshine. But the short length might work against the story a little bit here, as there were a number of times I wanted to know more about the dates that Will and Elizabeth go on or the conversations they have. The romance moves a little quickly because these things are only mentioned and not really shown.┬áBut that is a small cloud in the sunshiny sky that is this cute Pride and Prejudice retelling. I would definitely recommend it.

4 out of 5 toes in the warm Florida sand




  1. short stories I generally find unsatisfactory because I usually want to find out more of their characters and their story

  2. Sophia Rose

    I’ve read two Wendi Sotis books and loved them both including The Gypsy Blessing. This sounds like an adorable beach read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kimberly

  3. Ceri

    This sounds like a nice little read. I don’t mind novellas as long as they are not too short to do the story justice.

  4. Robin Helm

    I love this story! I already have my print copy, as I get everything Ms. Sotis publishes as soon as it’s out. She’s one of my favorite authors.

    This novella is perfect for beach reading. If your flying on your vacation, it would make a great read while you’re on the plane or waiting in the airport. I should know. I took The Keys to Love along on my visit to Japan.

  5. Thank you to Kimberly and Indie Jane for the review, and for the lovely comments!

  6. Two of my favorite things together – Pride and Prejudice and Florida!


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