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I sure don’t miss my teenage years.  The ever-constant drama of crushes, romantic firsts, rumors, Facebook stalking, and over-analysis of the minutest details can make this a trying period for some teenagers.  But the rules in Regency England were different for teenage girls.  An elopement could destroy a family’s reputation unlike today’s weekend trip to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding.  In Loving Miss Darcy, a sequel to Pride and Prejudice, Georgiana Darcy must have her Season in Town after a near-elopement with Mr. Wickham, a scandal that could destroy her chances at making a good marriage if it became common knowledge.  And having rescued her from one fortune hunter, Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam must chaperone her as she enters the shark waters of London.



 Georgiana is now in transition from a child who spends her days playing her pianoforte to being courted for marriage.  But Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam will take no chances in executing their duty as Georgiana’s guardians, even enlisting the Colonel’s former coworkers from his days as a spy.  But perhaps this excessive protectiveness is a clue in itself of Colonel Fitzwilliam’s true feelings for Georgiana, feelings that he expresses in his actions but perhaps is not ready to admit using words.  And will Georgiana, who sees herself as a sullied young woman to be thrust upon an unsuspecting groom, let her pride stop her from marrying the man she truly loves?
 Can I just say I loved this book?  Nancy Kelley took what little we knew of Colonel Fitzwilliam as a human being rather than a companion to Mr. Darcy and formed a great story with intrigue, war, and hints about his past as a spy.  Colonel Fitzwilliam was not just a soldier with a title that would set Mrs. Bennet’s heart aflutter when she remembered she still had daughters that needed husbands; he was a crucial to ensuring that England would never have a Corsican Emperor on its land.  And Georgiana had problems moving past a mistake that happened when she was very young, it was not an event that could be forgotten simply because it was never to be mentioned.
Nancy dealt with these challenges beautifully. Georgiana’s past comes to light with a vengeance in connection to Richard’s actions as a spy in France.  This is not a simple love story; the events of that time period played a role in Colonel Fitzwilliam’s life and in his courtship of Georgiana making it a more thrilling and unexpected love story.
And to top it off? A Whovian inside joke that made me scream.

Five out of Five Stars.






  1. Liz Onstead

    *twitch* I was there when she decided to put that joke in. She cackled gleefully . . . I can’t wait to sit down and read the book!

  2. Sophia Rose

    I have been following the progress of this book coming out and I am so glad to know that it is here. I adore Col. Fitz as a favorite character and I think it will be fascinating to read from Georgiana’s perspective.

    Sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

    • Every time I finish a book, that hero becomes my new favorite. Richard was so much fun to write–I hope you all enjoy reading him just as much.

  3. Jessica Crawford

    I love all of these austenesque books :-)

  4. Loving Miss Darcy is GREAT! Nice review, Patty :) I love that you caught the Doctor Who joke. I was so mad at her for that…

  5. Teresita

    From the review, I think I would love to read this book! I will try to leave a space for it in my reading schedule (that is awfully backlogged!)

    • As mentioned above, my schedule is backlogged as well. I am using the Pride and Prejudice 200 reading challenge on to get through a few Austenesque books this year though.

  6. Doing the same, Nancy. Started with the Keira movie last nite to celebrate 200th – now have to add a review =)

    love the book’s cover – totally Georgiana!
    looking fwd to another good read [especially for that aforementioned Reading Challenge!]

    • My first challenge read was Attempting Elizabeth–absolutely loved it! For film adaptations, I’m doing the Colin Firth version and Lizzy Bennet Diaries.

      Thanks for the compliment on the cover! :D

  7. bn100

    Nice review. Didn’t know Georgiana got her own book.

  8. As with Nancy and cherrytea, I’m also participating in P&P challenge. I think it’s a good time to dive into the pile of unread Austenesque books.

    Congrats on your new release, Nancy. Your novel sounds good and would like to know how those two came together as a couple. It feels strange because the colonel is the legal guardian to Georgiana.

    • That was one of the challenges in telling this story. I had to establish fairly early that his interest in protecting her didn’t come from his role as her guardian, but from his own feelings from her.

  9. Patricia Finnegan

    I just got into Doctor Who, now I am very curious about this book!

    • I love Doctor Who, so it was fun to slip a few references in–very subtle references of course, since Loving Miss Darcy is a true-to-history Regency novel, not a Doctor Who crossover story.

  10. maria

    I can’t wait to read this new book by Nancy Kelley! It sounds great!!

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