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I had no idea what sort of story I’d be reading when I started Maria Grace’s The Future Mrs. Darcy. I suppose I expected to meet up with Elizabeth and Darcy, watching them muddle through their tangled impressions and misunderstandings. You know, typical P&P fare. What I got was a unique and new take on the classic story. In Maria’s story (the second installment, but it reads okay as a stand-alone, to me anyway), the chronology is quite “mixed up” – and we encounter the Bennets and their misadventures before Darcy and Bingley ever arrive at Netherfield Park. Amazing, right? When I realized that this whole story was spinning out without the appearance of Darcy, I was very curious to see how this was going to work. But it definitely did work.



The Future Mrs. Darcy takes familiar elements of Austen’s story, and gives them a new spin. Lydia is still an out-of-control wildchild, but Kitty and Mary are developed and have much more depth and merit than their original counterparts. Elizabeth isn’t quite as sagely all-knowing, and realizes she has much to learn about her family – and her own behavior – as events play out. Jane has had a semi-suitor who leaves Netherfield Park in disgust at the behavior and influence of Lydia on his own younger sisters, and when the militia arrives in town, things only get worse. Wickham doesn’t appear, but Lydia still manages to make a royal fool of herself. And Mrs. Bennet, her nerves are still quite on edge, but there’s a hidden depth to her as well – which Elizabeth discovers when Mrs. Bennet takes to her bed. Not only does this unprecedented turn of events cause Elizabeth to see the truth about her mother, it also prompts her to grow in her abilities to manage an estate. The lessons she learns in her mother’s absence are preparing her for her future as Lady of The House.

While I missed the familiar back-and-forth of Darcy and Elizabeth, I did love seeing the characters presented in such a new, and fleshed-out manner. I enjoyed seeing Kitty and Mary, especially, given a voice and depth. And when Mr. Darcy did – finally – make an appearance, it was all I could hope for and more. Definitely looking forward to seeing how Maria Grace continues to story, and brings all the “new” pieces together.


Four out of Five Stars

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  1. I’m enjoying this series as well. It is interesting to ponder what Darcy and Elizabeth were like before they met.

  2. Ros Powell

    This lovely book is also now on audiobook. I just found it on Audible


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