Against His Will Comes Together

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In the almost four weeks since quitting my job, I’ve ironically spent very little time on my upcoming release. I sent it to beta readers in early July, and I won’t be digging into the final revision until next week. However, I can tell you a few things about¬†Against His Will.

First, I have a summary. I wrote this six months ago, and it still fits the book.

Sebastian Montgomery never thought he’d inherit a title. Quite comfortable in his role as the family black sheep, he has made a life for himself as one of England’s most valuable agents against Napoleon. Now he will be expected to remain at home as the Earl of Lisle, fulfilling all manner of domestic duties–starting with finding a wife and ensuring the continuance of the family line.

Kitty Bennet met Seb when he was just Mr. Montgomery and quickly developed a crush on him–feelings she now assumes will remain unrequited, as an earl is out of her reach. Sebastian however has no interest in a grand alliance. If he must marry, he will choose a wife with the capacity for intelligent conversation. Kitty’s gift for witty banter draws him to her; any affection he feels for her is simply an added bonus.

But their potential happiness is threatened by someone they don’t even know–the man who killed Sebastian’s grandfather and uncle. When the danger becomes real, Sebastian realizes that, almost against his will, he has fallen in love with Kitty. Can he solve a decades old family mystery in time to keep her safe?

There’s also an early version of chapter one here and the current version of chapter five here.

Second, I have… potential cover design possibilities. If that sounds less than solid, it’s because it is. The first picture I selected won’t work, so I had to go back to the drawing board on Sunday. I have a list of eight or so that I like, so hopefully before I go to the UK, I’ll have something to share with you.

Third, the release date is holding steady at October 15. Of course, lots could go wrong between now and then, but I’m taking a glass half full approach. As long as I get my revision done before I leave, my proofreader should have plenty of time to get it back to me and etc down the line. Mark it in red, people!

Finally, there will be a Christmas novella! This is the biggest project I’ve worked on since leaving the library. It follows Colin Maitland and Daphne Chatterton, two original characters I’ve developed throughout the series. With that story, the Brides of Pemberley series will come to a close.

After that, who knows? I have several non-Austen projects that I’ve put off over the years. I know I’ll be working on my Robin Hood/Pirates story for NaNoWriMo, and I’m pecking away at my first attempt at a fantasy novel right now.

As for Austen… I don’t have anymore ideas after this series is done. A few things have come to mind, but nothing has really grabbed at my imagination and forced me to write them.

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  1. Ceri

    How interesting. I’d love to see a Kitty that does witty banter rather than peevishness and ill-timed coughs!

    All the best with your novel :)

    • One of the fun chalelnges in Loving Miss Darcy was to create in Kitty an acceptable companion for Georgiana. Then she went and fell in love with one of the other secondary characters, and here we are with book three of a series I didn’t expect would be a series.

      I think Kitty gets the short end of the sister stick, honestly. By the time she was born, Jane was the pretty one, Lizzie was the clever one, and Mary was the studious one. She doesn’t have the temperment to be like Mary, and Jane and Elizabeth were already such close friends there was no breaking into that circle. So she floundered until Lydia was born–Lydia the wild, silly one. As a naturally extroverted girl, she needed companionship and Lydia was what was available.

      The end of P&P indicates that without Lydia’s influence, she changed for the better. That meant my first task was to figure out who Kitty really was, without anyone else forming her to their likeness. It was a fun challenge.

  2. Can’t wait to get my hands on Seb! Ahem, I mean, Against His Will…

  3. Stephanie Carrico

    So excited that it is almost ready…I am dying to read Seb and Kitty’s story…Love your take on Pride and Prejudice characters…especially the Colonel and Georgiana…still my favorite…

  4. Nancy it’s so exciting that you are able to enjoy your writing daily! Good for you!

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