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Jun 12, 2013 by

It’s summer and therefore perfect t-shirt weather.  My t-shirt collection is a little bit lacking at the moment, but my cousin was nice enough to send me an awesome baseball shirt recently (with my favorite player’s number on the back!).  This got me thinking about adding some Austen related shirts to my stash.  Why settle for boring shirts when you can represent your favorite author?  Here are some fun tees I’ve found online.


This cute bibliography t-shirt from Cafe Press is currently on $14.95.  Great deal!


Also on sale is this P&P “baby” characters shirt – in a variety of styles and colors (from $15 up).

Adorbs as The Lydia Bennet (TLBD) would say.



Speaking of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I think this is a must have addition to any good Jane t-shirt collection.

($18 at DFTBA)


This shirt from Novel-T is $25, but so worth it, especially if you’re an Austen and sports fan like myself.

(Side note, my birthday is June 30th, just putting it out there to the universe…no reason).


If you’re looking for classy and awesome, Etsy is where it’s at.

This Pride and Prejudice Locations shirt from Brookish is $25 and pretty spectacular.


Also on Etsy, this lovely P&P quote with Jane silhouette tee from neenacreates for $24.


This is true. And a cute tee for $18 from BookFiend on Etsy.


Of course no Austen collection would be complete without a Darcy shirt.

Zazzle has a ton, including this Team Darcy shirt for $23, plus several other “Men of Jane Austen” Team shirts including Wentworth and Knightley.


This is just a few examples of all the great Austen t-shirts out there.  Have you found one you like?

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  1. jen

    Ooooooh! Great post! I have the black Brookish shirt and now I want the baby-character one! Here are some more good ones I have:

    Gray v-neck with the Hugh Thomson illustration: http://shop.outofprintclothing.com/Pride_and_Prejudice_book_cover_t_shirt_p/l-1019.htm

    And this one in green, that’s a supercute play on the Thomson cover: http://www.redbubble.com/people/4everya/works/9345614-peacock-and-prejudice

  2. Felicia

    I will take one of each…..if only!

    • Felicia, yeah if I had a couple of hundred to blow on shirts I’d own all of these ;) As it is, I’ll pick my favorite and be happy, lol.

  3. Wow! I love the Longbourn Derbyshire one!

  4. Ooh, I really like the “Indulge your imagination” shirt but I recently went on a slight shopping spree that included two NaNo t-shirts…

  5. “Men of Jane Austen” t-shirts? Where can I get one of the actual MEN? (with or without t-shirt)

    • Lol Lynne, yesterday when I said I was doing this post it was suggested I just do a “men without t-shirts” post instead ;)

  6. tgruy

    Love them! I don’t think they would look like that on me but I will see about getting one anyway…

    • Tgruy, a lot of them have a variety of styles and sizes available…including longer sleeved versions and different fabrics (especially those top two).

  7. Love these! Especially the “baby” characters one. It’s been awhile since I’ve scoured the interwebz for Austen tees.

  8. Stephanie Carrico

    I am a jeans and tee kinda girl and would love to have a closet full of these….our anniversary is in July….may “accidentally” leave this page on my DH computer…

  9. You are a horrible, horrible influence. I want… well, pretty much all of these. Especially the Indulge your imagination one, and I quote Jane Austen.

    Will not spent money…

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