Different Ways of Using Lime Plaster

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While lime can be seen in ancient buildings, it is equally good for our modern houses as well. Many people think that lime plaster is only useful for walls, but this is completely wrong.

There are lots of different things which can benefit from the usage of lime plaster. Below mentioned are some of the best use cases for lime plaster.

Upgrading Stairs

You can use lime plaster in your stairs to add incredible details to them. This is mostly done in European style of construction.

Since lime plaster is made of very small particles, it can make stairs feel like a part of your walls if finished professionally by a plastering Essex contractor.

Coating Stove Hoods

If you have a stove hood in your house which needs to be painted to match the aesthetic of the rest of your house, you can instead use lime plaster on the stove hood to make it look great. Lime plaster especially helps make the stove hood more resistant to heat and moisture.

Due to the versatility that lime plaster provides, you can also make the stove hood match the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

To Cover Bricks

You can use a brush with lime plaster mixture of thin consistency to apply it on bricks easily. You can use this mixture on other uneven surfaces as well.

In this specific application, you can take the liberty to use it wherever you want like paint.

Application on Stones

You can use lime plaster on stone walls and fireplaces to make specific decorations and details. Lime, like stone, is a natural material, and that’s why it can bond naturally with stone.

These were some unique uses of lime plasters which you can benefit from right now. Get in contact with a qualified contractor right now to get started.

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