Do This If a Tree Has Fallen on Your House

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Storms has always haunted humans. They can destroy anything that comes their way granted they have enough power. Trees are a common victim of thunder storms and heavy rains. These extreme weather events can easily make the trees in your lawn fall down on your house.

While trees have really deep roots and a sturdy base, a storm of medium intensity can easily make the tree fall on your house. So, if a tree has fallen on your house as well, here is what you’ll need to do next to get out of that emergency situation.

Avoid Panicking

If a tree has just fallen on your house, you shouldn’t panic. In fact, you should see if all of the family members and pets in your house are safe. After this, you should get out of your house as quickly and safely as possible. Also, avoid going through the part of your house which is directly impacted by the tree. Ideally, you shouldn’t stay inside your house to assess the damage, and should get out right away.

Can Emergency Services

After a tree falls on your house, there might be some broken electrical lines and gas pipes involved. That’s why you should call 911 if there are broken electrical lines involved. You can also cut off the power to your house if you can do that safely, and then call emergency services for further help.

Hire an Emergency Tree Service Provider

One of the best things you can do after a tree falls on your house is calling an approved and certified tree care, Richmond service for the task. An emergency tree service provider can help remove the tree easily from the top of your house. This will help minimize the damage as well.

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