Establishing a Commercial Kitchen From Scratch

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Establishing a commercial kitchen and doing it correctly is not a straightforward task, you would have to put in a lot of effort to get everything right and the best place to start is by selecting the right commercial kitchen equipment, that would put a lot of things in place and minimize the chances of things going wrong, you have to have clear idea about the purchase of things because there is a lot of equipment that goes in a commercial kitchen, and you must have some sort of knowledge before actually setting upon the journey to buy it all, if you are buying commercial cooking equipment for the first time then you must categorize them and filter correctly then buy them.

First and foremost the most important type of equipment would be the cooking equipment, this shouldn’t be a surprise as the most important thing done in a commercial kitchen is cooking and most of the basic equipment there is related to it, so giving a lot of thought to buying the right kind of kitchen ranges, ovens, fryers and related stuff is always a good decision, then you have to focus on the refrigeration equipment, commercial kitchen refrigeration isn’t as simple as putting a freezer and a refrigerator but it might require you to put blast chillers and racks or cabinets which are refrigerated as well.

Commercial kitchen equipment is not complete unless you have placed the right exhaust system, a commercial kitchen needs to be clean and oil free and an efficient commercial kitchen grade exhaust equipment makes it possible for everyone to keep it as oil free as possible, and in absence of such equipment it would be impossible to keep the kitchen clean as the oil and residue is such that it will be just all over the kitchen.

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