Extreme Couponing Tips to Get More Discounts

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Using coupons to save money in your grocery bill can be a challenging thing. For many people, they try some ways of using coupons, but don’t get the results they expected. They don’t get the discount they deserve even after searching for a long time.

There are lots of people who find and save coupons whether they are from newspapers, websites or from any other source, and use those coupons when they go grocery buying in the store. A majority of people get negligible savings by using coupons, so, their coupons are certainly not paying off.

Here are some of the worst extreme couponing mistakes that you must avoid to get the best discounts.

Using Coupons on Full Priced Items

If you use a coupon on a full priced item, you’ll be violating the basic rule of extreme couponing. In fact, you should only use coupons on the items that are already on sale. That way, you’ll be able to get the most out of your coupon.

You can actually save a significantly more amount of money by using this technique. So, forget about using coupons on full priced items.

Buying Every Item That’s on Sale

Just because an item in the store is on sale doesn’t mean that it is the best buy for you. Always cross check the prices in two or more stores when you see an item on sale, as most of the sales are not marketing gimmicks and nothing more than that. If you find out that a sale isn’t good for your savings, you can skip that and wait for the sale that is actually good enough.

Using All The Coupons

If you’re getting a coupon like $0.25 off on a $10 purchase, that is total ridiculous, send you shouldn’t use such coupons. You can use platforms like couponsfilter to find good coupons that actually bring the price down.

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