Mechanism Behind a Water Softening System

A water softening system is usually used to remove hard minerals from the water supply system of a house. This is because hard minerals in water cause the water to be unfit for usage as it disrupts many household functions. A water softening system is mainly attached to the water supply system of the house, their main function is to exchange the positively charged ions of calcium and magnesium (which make the water hard), with other ions, mostly sodium. This process of trading ions from water is known as ion exchange.

When hard water passes through the water softening system which contains sodium, the positively charged ions of calcium and magnesium attach themselves to the beads inside the system, being replaced by positively charged sodium ions. So the water enters the system as hard water and leaves the system containing sodium ions which make it soft water.

For the sodium ions, there are different types of salts that are used in the water softening system. Rock Salt is one of them, it contains a sodium chloride concentration of about ninety eight to ninety nine percent. It is cheaper than the rest of the salts in the market but requires more frequent cleaning of the softening reservoirs in the water softening system, as it contains, in comparison, more non-water soluble substances in it. Secondly, we have solar salt which is a naturally produced salt. It is obtained by evaporation of seawater. It has a sodium chloride concentration of about eighty five percent and is usually sold in the form of a crystal. Lastly, we have evaporated salt, which is found through mining of salt deposits of dissolving salts and then evaporated until we have a salt form. The sodium chloride concentration it contains is about 99.6 to 99.99 percent. To know more about the mechanics of water softening systems, check the full post.

Reasons You Should Invest in a Condo

The thing about condos is that they are great for investing money in and living as well. However, most people tend to forget about that and there is nothing wrong with it, either. In an ever so changing world, we tend to overlook a few things. However, there is not much to worry about, especially when we can educate ourselves all over again.

Right now, I want to talk about some of the reasons why you should invest in a condo. If you are looking for options, then going with exchange district condo is a great thing to do as they have some great options available that you can check.

Right now, we want to talk about some of the reasons why you should invest in a condo. So, let’s have a look.

They Are Affordable

Simply put, when it comes to condos, you will know that they are affordable. As far as how affordable is concerned. That depends on various factors, but in general, condos are considered to be more affordable than you might think. You can get a good condo for the same price as a house and if that is not good, we are not sure what is.

No Worries About Maintenance

Another great benefit here is that with condos, you do not have to worry about maintenance or anything else that might come in the way. You can simply get it done and handle it without any issue coming your way. The best possible way is to make sure that you are getting the right condo at the right place, and more importantly, do talk to the people over at condo association to be clear over everything that you are going to be getting with your purchase.

Marketing And Promotion of Jewelry

With the rapid development of technology, the value and competition of marketing has increased. This applies on the jewelry industry as well. People need to be aware of where the stores are and what they have to offer in order for jewelry to be sold.

These days, jewelry stores have started to use social media in order to promote their gems. They use attractive photography to show customers their finest pieces which drives people towards their store. Another way jewelry is marketed is by focusing on life events and their significance to jewelry. This helps people develop feelings towards different gems according to their value and historical background.

Moreover, the location of jewelry stores also plays a part in the popularity it might gain. Some of the most well-known jewelry stores are located in an area in Baltimore MD. Being in one area, the stores gain competition which helps them in maintaining a standard and helps customers choose from a huge variety of stores, all offering attractive services.

The target market of jewelry stores allows them to keep a wide range of certified and non-certified gems. This lets everyone choose their preferred jewelry with the finances they have. After sale services are also a part of marketing and promotion. Some stores provide their customers with referral programs, insurance, re-cutting and re-polishing of the jewelry they purchase.

Many stores choose to provide gemologists to people who come to find a piece of jewelry so that any confusion can be cleared before the purchase. This turns out to not only help customers, but also the store keepers as they would get a higher satisfaction rate.

Conclusively, even if the value of jewelry and gems will remain constant, it is important to spread information among people in order for them to learn about it.

A Recap on The Working of Construction Consultants

If you’re not experienced in the field of construction or any other related consultancy job, you’re a layman in terms of keeping track of the development of construction projects.

This is the cue where construction consultants come in, and do their job in making sure your project is completed on schedule and according to your exact requirements!

Let’s consider how an optimal construction consultancy firm should operate. When a project is tendered, a bid is made and after the project is awarded to the winning firm, the work begins.


Since, you’re unaware of many different things, such as:

  • Monitoring the construction site
  • Identifying actual progress (both physical and logical)
  • Assurance of quality – according to your needs and the technical specification provided

and many more. The point is, as layman, you can’t take care of it yourself. Construction consultants (after being awarded), being the project into several stages such as:

  • Pre-construction Stage (or initial concept)
  • Construction Stage (inspection phase)
  • Post-construction Stage (or completion)


To fulfil all these phases and make sure the project is on track, a construction consultant firm hires professionals in many roles and makes sure each task is well-taken care of.

From the initial concept to approval of your development plans, the consultants should get your idea up and running. Also, the schedule is actually noted and determined so all estimates can be made.

Visit, to get to know about construction and construction consultancy.

Most construction consultants or their firm also act as project management consultants. So, once the initial phase is over, the construction begins at the approved site of development and all processes are smoothly taken care of. Owners are notified of all gradual improvements, changes, and progress.

At times, owners are unaware of their rights at the post-construction step. Construction consultants help people out by providing proper documentations, evaluations, inspections and also assist in contract closures so handover is as easy as it gets.

What to Look For in Immersion Heaters

If you are finding yourself in the middle of buying an immersion heater, then the good news is that you will have plenty of options to choose from. You can easily find the best possible heater that suits your requirements and additionally, you can go for different use cases, too.

Whatever the case maybe, for anyone who wants the perfect experience, we would suggest you check out IHS immersion heaters because they happen to be among the best in the business and they do give you plenty of benefits, too.

As for now, we are going to mention a few things that you should look for in immersion heaters. So, let’s get started.

The Temperature Options

The thing about immersion heaters is that different heaters offer a different temperature option. So, buying the right one is something that happens to be extremely important and necessary, too. You could actually make some mistakes a long the way, way but if you are considering the temperature, there should not be many issues that might come in the way.

Just be careful when buying these and all would be settled.

Power Density

Another really important factor to consider is their power density. It is something that people miss out on a lot. You need to make sure that whatever option you are going with has a good power density because otherwise, it could be a confusing affair that you do not want to go with.

So, whenever you are in the market, make sure that you are fully aware by these things so you can make a proper decision and settle with the best possible option available in the market. If you have some concerns, you can talk to the experts for better understanding.

Toyota Aygo Buying Guide For Beginners

Do you think you are an Aygo superfan? You would be excited to know about some hidden features of this super-powered car that have made it highly popular among new car purchasers in the market. This mini car is easily noticeable from a far distance on a highway because of its unique cross-designed bonnet. Unless you are claustrophobic you would find it quite spacious for in-town travels and it best suits a family of four. It has managed to get a lot of hype in the market even though it has quite tough competitors such as Peugeot and Citroen. It’s easy insurance options and unique design has given it a distinctive edge in the market.

It can reach a top speed of up to 100 mph and has high maneuverability features that make it a perfect choice for inter-town commute. It has been around since 2004, and has been producing top notch vehicles since then. If you want to look for a car that’s cheap to run, then you can find relevant information on the website of Big Motoring World now.

Its three-cylinder petrol engine proves to be a highly economic method of transportation and its nippy dimensions make it easier for people who mostly travel within the city. The robotized clutch makes the entire driving experience highly convenient and it almost feels like an automated vehicle. The full-length fabric sunroof also comes in handy during the summer days when you want to enjoy the fresh breeze. Long distance travels can be a real chore because of its limited space for the passengers at the back. It’s lower grille and headlights give it a highly sophisticated look during the nighttime and the drivers can easily show it off. Its compact dimensions helps you cruise through the city streets without any obstruction.

What Are Some of The Things You Should Know When It Comes to Networking in Business

There is no way to deny that the networking aspect in any business happens to be one of the many pillars of a good business. As a matter of fact, good networking can differentiate a good business from a bad one and create a disparity that many people will completely overlook.

Right now, we are not going to be talking about the importance as we have already explored that facet before. Right now, we want to talk about some of the things you should know about when it comes to networking in business.

Since this happens to be a very important factor, it is best if we just look at these things. You can also check networking in London if you are looking for more information that would help you.

It is Better to Start Early

One of the things that you need to know is that whenever it comes to networking in business, it is always better to start early. The earlier you implement it, the better it will be. It is not as difficult as it may sound, so the more you know, the better it is going to be for you.

Make Everyone Aware

Another thing that you can totally do, and you should do is make sure that everyone is aware of it. The more people know about it, the better it is going to be for the business itself. Surely, the mistakes can be made in the process, but in most situations, you are not going to have any issues. Therefore, it is always better to keep these factors in mind whenever you are looking at networking in business.

How to Keep Your Kids as Safe as Possible

As a parent, one of the primary focuses of your life is going to be trying to make sure that your kids remain as safe as possible. The only problem with this is that it might take quite a long time for you to get to the point where actually keeping them safe will be an option that you can regularly look into since, for the most part, any and all methods that you would be taking in order to keep your kids safe are going to end up coming across as mistakes that you are making in the process of taking care of them particularly because of the fact that it would end up making your kids think that you are not going to give them the freedom to go out and explore whatever it was that they were trying to do in the first place.

The best way to take care of your kids is to know what they are doing at all times, and if this is what you desire then finding ways to make it work for yourself is going to be a top priority for you. Basically what you need to do when you start to let your kids go out and drive on their own is get the right kind of satellite imagery associated with your car. That way you will know where your kids have taken your car at all points in time, and if they are ever in a particular kind of situation that might just end up being a little too generous then you can always just focus on making things up to them by allowing them to go out exploring more often than was the case before.

All You Need to Know About Generators

In this day and age, everyone knows what a generator is, however, there is so much more to generators than what you might know about them. This article will tell you about all the things that you need to know about generators.

There are so many benefits of using generators, besides being used in homes in order to supply or generate the power they are also used in commercial settings to use the equipment and get things done where there is no electricity, and all that at lower voltages. There are many different types of generators out there depending on their application and end use. The price for each type varies greatly depending on the usage and capacity. A generator for homes can cost you any price from the range of 3000 to 30,000 US dollars.

Generators are now easily available everywhere, at you can look for your very own generator at any time. Although it is very important that before you make the purchase you think it through since buying a generator is not as simple as buying apples. It is a long-term investment and you need to think about all the things that will be powered through the generator. Make sure that you determine the size as well as the capacity of the generator before you purchase it.

Usually, the larger ones have more capacity, however, the really really big ones are not suitable for use in homes, they are mostly used in offices, hospitals, malls, etc. Do not think that if you pay more you are buying a good quality generator. Look at all the technical details first before you make a decision since you will be spending a lot of money regardless of which one you buy.

How Cleaning Can Help You Fall Sick Less Often

Some people never fall sick even if there is a virus going around. These people are extremely lucky because of the fact that when they are looking into their lives they would have far less distractions that they need to deal with, something that would overall provide them with a much higher standard of living that they would be able to take advantage of on a regular basis. Most people are not this lucky, and some people are so unlucky that they end up falling sick more often than other people which is the sort of thing that can really have a negative impact on your life if you are not careful with this sort of thing all in all.

You should try your best to keep yourself healthy, and if you want to fall sick less often then you should definitely consider cleaning your house a little more than you usually do. The reason that you should clean your house has to do with the fact that a general aura of not being clean in your home is going to lead to reduced personal hygiene, and when you have poor hygiene both within your body as well as within your home this is going to weaken your internal defense mechanisms such as your immune system.

As a popular cleaning services in Raleigh NC notes, a lowered immune system caused by too much dirt inside of your house can make it a lot easier for viruses to have an impact on you which is why you should definitely try your best to prevent such things from occurring since it would be impossible for you to live life to the fullest without at least trying this out.

Why You Should Get a Master’s Degree in Teaching

I often hear a lot of people say that getting a master’s degree in teaching is not something that is smart at all. Especially when you can go with some other degrees that are better than master’s and I will be honest with you, at times, you can actually agree with them, as well.

But the thing that you need to know is that there are a lot of benefits of getting a masters in teaching. Still, for people who need convincing, we are going to be talking about some really important benefits that you should always keep in mind for a proper understanding.

So, let’s not delay things any further and have a look, shall we?

Your Teaching Skills Will Be Improved

One of the biggest benefits is that your teaching skills will be greatly improved if you choose to go with a master’s degree in teaching. It is something that most people completely deny or overlook because they think that a degree in teaching is rudimentary at best. However, that is not the case as a degree is literally going to improve things for you by a drastic measure, which means that you should always keep this in mind.

Makes Way For a Stable Income Source

Another benefit here is that it makes way for a stable income source. You do not have to worry about things going wrong because you have a degree that is actually considered useful and you can use it without any issues coming your way. It is just something that you should keep in mind whenever you are thinking about going for a masters in teaching. The benefit is there if you are willing to pursue the degree.

Why Stamped Concrete is Much Better Than All The Other Options?

There will be many things going on in your mind when you’re deciding about how to make the outside spaces of the house. There are places such as the driveway, the front porch, patios, walkways, etc. these places are often made using concrete. However, plain concrete can make the house look really dull. This is why stamped concrete is the better option.

What is Stamped Concrete?

This is basically colored concrete. It is done by using liquid color and other releasing and coloring agents to make colored concrete slabs. But the whole process requires extreme precision and attention. There must be a professional around with a team of at least four workers as several tasks have to be done at once. Don’t try doing it yourself and try finding stamped concrete contractors Massachusetts until you know exactly how to. The coloring is done after the admixture is made. It has be done at the right time so that the concrete slabs are not extra hard or damp.

The Coloring of Concrete Slabs

This is done using two methods but both of them require equal attention. The first method is done following some basic steps. The color is poured into the mixture truck so that it is mixed before it is poured. This mixture is poured on the concrete slabs. The other method is done by pouring color over the concrete slabs and then using color hardening powder to spread the color. This is used so that the concrete becomes damp enough for the mixture to penetrate easily. This will make the color spread to every place in the house. After pouring the mixture on the concrete surface, carefully look for any spots that are left out and color them.

The Bahamas: More Than Just a Beach

Whenever someone hears of the Bahamas, they usually think of very clean white beaches lined with coconut trees for as far as the eye can see. You know, the kind of stereotypical ‘vacation’ beach spot that they show in cartoons. While it’s entirely true that the Bahamas have some of the most captivating beaches in the world, there’s a lot more to these islands than just sun, sand and sea. The Bahamas are rich with the Caribbean culture and are worth exploring.

Each of the islands that make up the Bahamas is rich with culture and history. If you’re a traveller, then your visits to any place will feel incomplete unless you stick around to explore and learn about the people and culture of the place. Pretty views and sights are obviously what draw you to a place but won’t you agree that it’s a shame to miss out on the story of the land?

Each of the islands has a unique story to tell you. In a sense, visiting the Bahamas is like a combo vacation since you get to explore multiple islands in one visit. If we had to pick out our favourite of the Bahamas, then we’d go with Cat Island, which you can read more about at

There’s still some ambiguity over how this fishhook shaped island got its name. Some speculate that the island got named after a pirate called Arthur Catt, while others believe that the name of the island can be attributed to the large number of feral cats that roam the place. If you’re a cat person, then this alone should be enough to get you all riled up about wanting to go to Cat Island.

The Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist

Despite everything evolving so much the one thing that we need to understand that many people still do not take mental health seriously. This is certainly one of the saddest parts. However, the silver lining here is that people are slowly and gradually learning the importance of mental illness, and keeping that in mind, they are starting to see psychologists or therapists if there is a need.

If you are looking, you will find a great many psychologist Perth and the best part is that you can book an appointment with ease. However, in this article, we are focusing more on some of the benefits of seeing a psychologist. Considering how most people completely miss out on this is important that we go through these aspects to have a proper understanding.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look.

You Gain Perspective

One of the biggest benefits is that when you are going to see a psychologist, you can easily gain a lot of perspectives. Sure, the process is not going to be easy and you will still find so many things that you do not like to listen to but overall, it is for the betterment of your disposition and I can ensure you that it is definitely going to work out for you. Just make sure that your therapist is unbiased and you would be good to go.

Helps You Battle Issues

For those who are going through mental struggles, going to a therapist can really help you battle these issues. For instance, people suffering from depression can learn how to have healthy coping mechanisms. This is great for people who think that battling the issues in the right way is not possible, because it really is.

Sharmaine Lovegrove’s Amazing Reading List

For those who do not know, Sharmaine Lovegrove is a renowned publicist, a bookshop owner, editor, as well as a publisher, and all things book nerd. As her long list of titles would suggest, she loves books, and there is no denying it. Most of her teenage life was spent around the books, that only helped in making her love the books even more.

In an interview with her, we decided to ask her some questions, and more importantly, asked her for a suggestion for a reading list. Needless to say, she delivered and did so in a great fashion. Before we go on to explore the books she suggested, let’s look at some interesting answers she had for us.

The Book You Are Currently Reading?

As per Lovegrove, the current book she is reading is American Spy. For those who do not know, American Spy is one of the finest books one can read, and it is filled with some really immersive reading experiences that people are going to love. We will not talk more about the book because we do not want to spoil it for you.

The Books You Read When You Were Young

At just the tender age of 16, she was reading a lot of Milan Kundera, pretty much everything that was published by him. Additionally, Lovegrove indulged in works of Camus as well as Jean Genet. Thanks to the fact that she was working in bookshops back then, having access to these books was not a problem and allowed her to read whatever she wanted.

What Are Your Reading Habits?

Lovegrove prefers reading while sitting on the sofa, and that is where she spends most of her time reading. Whenever she is traveling, she decides to read as well. However, she also talks about how she cannot read in bed anymore because she usually falls asleep.

How Do You Look for the Authors You Want to Publish?

Lovegrove finds the authors to publish largely via submission parties. These parties are much similar to open mic days, however, they are much better organized. While visiting these events, she tends to find the writers she’s interested in publishing.

Ever Joined a Book Club?

Book clubs play an important role in Lovegrove’s life as she managed to make a lot of friends and meet new people through these clubs. Furthermore, she discovered some great books through these clubs as well.

What is Your Reading List?

Finally, the answer everyone has been waiting for. What is Sharmaine Lovegrove’s reading list? Well, there are some interesting books on the list, so let’s start looking.

  1. American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson.
  2. Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams.
  3. Lanny by Max Porter.
  4. Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney.
  5. Warlight by Michael Ondaatje.
  6. Ordinary People by Diana Evans.
  7. Going to Meet the Man by James Baldwin.

Above listed are some of the books that Sharmaine Lovegrove has on her reading lists, we can already tell you that they are great books by some great authors.

5 Great Second Novels By Hit Authors

There is a common perception in the world of literature that the first book by an author is great, but the second one might not be as good. We are strictly talking about standalone books rather than the series that some of the famous authors have written.

With that said, we are here to explore some amazing literary work by great authors. The exception here is that we are not exploring the debut novels, but the second ones, which makes this even more interesting than usual. So, let’s not delay and have a look.

#1 Summer Bird Blue By Akemi Dawn Bowman

The first book we are looking at is a fiction by Akemi Dawn Bowman called the Summer Bird Blue. The book is a lyrical novel that explores the themes such as grief, love, as well as self-discovery that takes place after a horrible loss. For those who want to have a powerfully moving book, especially the one that can tug at your heartstrings, this is definitely the book that you should go for.

#2 The Cold Is in Her Bones By Peternelle van Arsdale

The Cold Is in Her Bones by Peternelle van Arsdale is one of the best novels you can get the chance to read. It is about a girl who goes to the extent of finding secrets from the past so she can save the life of her friend. There is a lot of great substance in this book, involving some love, as well as revenge.

Many readers have pointed out that the book takes inspiration from the Greek monster Medusa.

#3 Dealing in Dreams By Lilliam Rivera

If you have had the pleasure of watching the Outsiders and Mad Max, then you would be pleased to know that Dealing in Dreams by Lilliam Rivera is the perfect combination and something that you should definitely read. The book is amazing and is filled with some of the finest written plot points.

#4 Love From A to Z By S.K. Ali

S.K. Ali brings us Love from A to Z, a wonderful book that takes us on the journey of two Muslim teens who meet each other during a spring break. The book is amazing, to say the least. This is coming from someone who was never a fan of romantic novels, this is definitely the one to read for the ages.

#5 Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

For the fans of young adult fiction, the Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson is definitely a great book to get your hands on. You have magic, as well as romance, and amazing friendships. All of this combined with an amazing character and world building that we do not get to see a lot.


In conclusion, the one thing that we are certain about is that these novels will leave a lasting impression on you. Wherein, for anyone who is looking for a great reading experience, these novels are a way to go.

The 3 Best Books For Binge-Reading

Just like binge-watching, the concept of binge-reading is also something that has divided people. Many claims that it happens to be something good while others are talking about the not many advantages of binge-reading. However, the good thing is that binge-reading is definitely beneficial.

The thing about binge-reading is that just like binge-watching, you need to have good substance, otherwise, it might not work. Reading a book that is not even able to hold your attention and trying to binge-read it is not something that is going to work.

That is why, in order to help you binge read the way you should be able to, we are going to be looking at some of the best books for binge reading. This should definitely help you get the most of your experience. So, let’s have a look.

#1 Becoming By Michelle Obama

Let’s not forget that one of the many reasons why Barrack Obama was one of the most influential people was the fact that Michelle Obama was always by his side. As they say, behind every successful man, there is a woman. The Becoming by Michelle Obama is one of the most tempting and amazing books that you can read.

The writing is so good, and so easy for everyone that once you pick up the book and start reading, you will need to find reasons not to read it. Needless to say, it is one of the best books to read.

#2 Sitayana By Amit Majmudar

For those who are looking for a great fairytale/religious fiction, picking up the Sitayana by Amit Majmudar is definitely the right way to go. The book is amazing for everyone who has been looking for something that will allow them to pick the book up once and keep reading it. I can attest to the fact that I have never been this captivated by the book before.

#3 Cold Comfort Farm By Stella Gibbons

Stella Gibbons is one of the finest English authors, and the Cold Comfort Farm by her is o0ne of the best-written novels we can suggest to you. For anyone who is looking for a dash of humor, satire, as well as science fiction, this novel is the way to go, and we can assure you, there is a lot of greatness that is tucked away here that you will not have a problem, at all.


Binge reading is a lot of fun and something that we suggest to everyone. Just make sure that you are picking up the book that plays with your taste. Because otherwise, you will find many books in the market that will be good but might not give you the same experience as well.

The great thing about binge-reading the books is that you do not have to always go for the series. You can actually find some amazing standalone books as well that will fit the bill just fine and give you an amazing experience.

Holidays with Jane: Movie Fest

My fellow authors and I all *love* the plethora of cheesy, adorable, super-sacchrine Christmas movies on ABC Family, Hallmark Channel, Netflix, etc. They are somewhat predictable but we really do love them! And…there are some of us who believe that “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie, so it will be included on the list. We have a plan to have a movie fest between all of us (even though we are separated by many miles!)

Join our online Christmas Party!

Saturday, November 22

We’ll wear tacky Christmas sweaters, eat yummy treats, make cute ornaments, and watch sappy movies. Instagram or tweet a pic of yourself wearing your fanciest/tackiest Christmas sweater and you’ll be entering into our “12 Days of Christmas Cheer” giveaway! (See Rafflecopter entry form below.) I’ll be heading to my local thrift store to find a sweater, preferably with puffy snowmen on it. Or Rudolph with a blinking nose. Whatever I find/make, it will be epically adorable/horrible.

Join us as we live tweet the movies we are watching on the 22nd. (We’ll give a countdown on our Facebook page as to when we’ll each start a movie. Use #holidayswithjane on your tweets/Instagram so we can see what you’re saying.)

Watch your DVDs, TV, DVR, Netflix, Amazon Prime…whatever!

OR!!! You can borrow movies from your local library! Be sure to reserve your copy early.


On Netflix:

“The Mistle-tones”

“Christmas Crush”

“A Christmas Kiss”

“Desperately Seeking Santa”

“Christmas Bounty”

“Christmas Cupid”

“12 Dates of Christmas”

“All I Want For Christmas”

“A Princess For Christmas”


Hallmark Channel:

“One Starry Christmas”

“The Nine Lives of Christmas”

“A Cookie Cutter Christmas”



Amazon Prime Instant Video

“Christmas Crush”


Other movies on our list


“Die Hard”

“If You Believe”

“White Christmas”

“Meet Me In St. Louis” – Judy Garland sings “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”


And, of course, you can purchase a copy of HOLIDAYS WITH JANE: Christmas Cheer and snuggle up with a cup of hot cider (or cocoa or coffee) and visions of Mr. Darcy/Wentworth/Henry Tilney/your fav Austen hero will dance in your head. ;-)

We will be picking winners for the Rafflecopter giveaway below. There will be 12 winners (though possibly more if we have more prizes!). We tried to go with the 12 Days of Christmas song for our theme and threw in some Austenesque fun. If you have a preferred prize, include that in your blog post comment. :)

DISCLAIMER: No purchase necessary to enter giveaway. Giveaway ends December 1 at midnight PST. Entries are available to all who post photos of themselves on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for our Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. 12 winners will be chosen. Physical prizes to be mailed to Residents of the US only due to postage costs (sorry!). Digital copies of the book are available to our international friends, too. Winners will be selected randomly via and be notified by email. Each winner will have 72 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. Facebook and Twitter are in no way associated with this giveaway. By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to the authors of HOLIDAYS WITH JANE alone. They will not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner. Prizes are given by the authors of HOLIDAYS WITH JANE. If you have any additional questions – feel free to send us an email!