Review Policy

If you have self-published a Jane Austen related book or published through a small, independent press, we at Indie Jane would love to review it. Though we cannot guarantee a favorable review, we do promise to offer only constructive criticism (i.e. no flames) should we not care for your work. However, as we all love Jane and her characters, the chances of finding a sympathetic readership with us is better than average.

As Indie Jane is a community for indie authors, we will not accept traditionally published works for review. However, if you are an author who enjoys dabbling in both worlds, we would be glad to review your self-published works.

Finally, if you occasionally write in other genres, we will consider reviewing your non-Jane-related books as well, assuming of course that they have been independently published. Consideration to these will be taken on a case-by-case basis, and we are more likely to agree if we have already reviewed one of your Austenesque works.

When we review a book, we will cross-publish that review to Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and any other major review site you wish to see it on. Please indicate those in your email.

If you are interested in having Indie Jane review your book, please email us at:

FTC Disclaimer: We are not compensated for our reviews in any way. If we receive a copy for our review, that will be clearly stated within the body of the review, and it will not affect our opinion.