Single Blade vs. Multi Blade Table Saws

table saw craftsman

If you’re not all that experienced with table saws, you might not know that there are actually two types that you could look into. The first type would be a single blade table saw whereas the second would likely be one that possess multiple blades. Each of these types have their own advantages associated with them, and it is important to note that you need to choose wisely because they are both relatively high priced which means that you should select the one that you can afford with all of the right information contained within your head.

Many would say that a multi bladed option is the best table saw that you would ever be able to get your hands on, but we feel like this is a bit of an exaggeration to say the least. While multi blade options are great if you want power, it is important to note that a single blade option gives you much more precision. If all you need to do is chop through some wood, a multi blade saw can get that done in an instant.

However, at some point or another you would need to start being more precise with your cuts, and that’s where a single blade saw comes in. It allows you bring some refinement into your work and add details that multiple blades just won’t allow you to put in place. This might seem like a huge ask, but we would advise you to save up and buy both kinds of saws. That way you can chop your piece down to size and make it look beautiful all in a single workshop which makes things more versatile for you.

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