The Bahamas: More Than Just a Beach

Whenever someone hears of the Bahamas, they usually think of very clean white beaches lined with coconut trees for as far as the eye can see. You know, the kind of stereotypical ‘vacation’ beach spot that they show in cartoons. While it’s entirely true that the Bahamas have some of the most captivating beaches in the world, there’s a lot more to these islands than just sun, sand and sea. The Bahamas are rich with the Caribbean culture and are worth exploring.

Each of the islands that make up the Bahamas is rich with culture and history. If you’re a traveller, then your visits to any place will feel incomplete unless you stick around to explore and learn about the people and culture of the place. Pretty views and sights are obviously what draw you to a place but won’t you agree that it’s a shame to miss out on the story of the land?

Each of the islands has a unique story to tell you. In a sense, visiting the Bahamas is like a combo vacation since you get to explore multiple islands in one visit. If we had to pick out our favourite of the Bahamas, then we’d go with Cat Island, which you can read more about at

There’s still some ambiguity over how this fishhook shaped island got its name. Some speculate that the island got named after a pirate called Arthur Catt, while others believe that the name of the island can be attributed to the large number of feral cats that roam the place. If you’re a cat person, then this alone should be enough to get you all riled up about wanting to go to Cat Island.

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