Which is Better For Cleaning Your Carpet: Steam or Shampoo?

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Shampoos are a popular product for people to use on a daily basis, and it’s strange to think that they are actually a relatively recent invention. In the years of our distant past, no one had access to cleaning products that could strip grease from their hair and allow it to shine to an extent that was gorgeous and healthy to boot. Hence, we should all be grateful that we have safe and secure shampoo products that allow us to improve the quality of our hair once all has been said and is now out of the way.

However, one use of shampoo that you might not be aware of is its potential impact on carpet cleaning. You obviously wouldn’t use hair shampoo for such purposes, rather you might need to buy a dedicated carpet surfactant which is sometimes called a shampoo because of how similar they look. Hair basically consists of a series of fibers that extent out of your scalp, and if you think about it carpets are not all that different.

That said, you should know that carpet shampoos are not the best options to utilize if you want a clean and spotless rug. The reason behind this is that they are pretty much only useful if you spilled coffee or ketchup on the carpet, and if what you require is more of a general cleaning a steam cleaner might give you better results than might have been the case otherwise. Steam cleaners are the perfect all purpose cleaning devices that every carpet owner should try to have on hand, and shampoos should only be used sparingly if at all.

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